Monday, December 27, 2010

Go out with my husband at least 12 times

I love going on dates and spending time with my husband!  Unfortunately, we almost never go out...just the two of us.

We have dates at home where we watch a movie, have dinner, or play a board game after the kids go to bed.  But we don't really go OUT on dates.

Before we moved, about 5 months ago, we lived near my parents and some of my brothers and sisters, so if we needed a babysitter, we usually asked them to help out.  But now we live away from family and that makes it harder.

We do have friends, but for some reason, I just feel badly about asking someone to watch my kids.

Well, in 2011, We are going to go OUT at least once a month.  So, I will need to:
  • Research what fun things there are to do around here
  • Talk to my friends to see who they use as a babysitter
  • Schedule date nights with my husband
  • Remind myself that it's ok to ask someone else to watch my kids because I need a break sometimes
  • Make a babysitter folder, or something, with important information that the babysitter may need to know

What kind of dates do you like to go on?
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