Sunday, December 26, 2010

Write a weekly meal plan

Lately, when I'm hungry, I'll walk into the kitchen, look through the cupboards, look through the fridge, and decide there is nothing to eat.  In fact, there's plenty of food in the kitchen, I'm just tired of having the same old, same old every day.

So before I go shopping each week or two, I need to know what we're going to be eating.  Then, hopefully, I can spice up the menu a little.  It'll also be nice to know what we're having each day, so I don't have to stand there, trying to figure out what to throw together before the children have a meltdown.

This will also be good for my goal to lose weight.  I can plan meals based on my caloric needs.  Plus, if I schedule my fruits and veggies for specific meals, maybe I will be more likely to eat them.

I guess I will:
  • Come up with a format for scheduling meals (list, chart, whatever)
  • Put all my recipes in one place
  • Get meal suggestions from my husband and children
  • Write out my meal plans
  • Save meal plans from previous weeks, so I can use them again in future weeks

How do you plan your meals?  Do you like to know what you're having ahead of time, or do you like to just throw something together?
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